26 January 2013

LMP week 2

Salam Alaikum

I've now reached the end of week 2 of my LMP schedule. It's great to be back to strength training MashaAllah just love it! There hasn't been a day where I haven't been sore all over lol, although its a good soreness :) last night I decided to use more weight and SubhanAllah was shaking for hours after my workout!
As with every workout there are some parts you love and some you hate. My absolute favourite is the combination of clean and press with dead lift :) it takes your heart rate up and you feel strong
Another part which I also enjoy is chest and arms, it's definitely a weak point for me. But as the days go by, not only do I feel I'm getting stronger, but my arms are definitely toning up! Which is much needed after I've shed all that weight, too much loose skin everywhere :/
The the hardcore abs workout is definitely challenging and the first few times I did struggle quite alot, but again I'm getting stronger and InshaAllah I will soon be able to get the full satisfaction from this
Now there are a couple of things I dislike about this workout, it's lunges!! Can't stick them! My leg muscles are and have always been rock hard, especially on the back of my leg, which gives me muscle cramps when going lunges :( that also means I can't get the full workout as I will have to stop quite a few times during the track.
And then there is the flow workout, or actually stretch programme. It's a yoga style stretch programme and I really dislike this one, so I've replaced that with Pilates. I've got 2 Pilates DVDs with Lara Hudson, they've got really good stretch programmes MashaAllah
Today is the last day of week 2 and a rest day. Lol doubt I would be able to do any workout today due to soreness! I'm planning to get some cardio in at some point, but for now I really want to finish these 13 weeks and I can always add on the further into the programme I get

Kia Kaha - stay strong :)


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