1 February 2013

Make Me A Muslim

Salam Alaikum

This was the title of a BBC3 programme which was aired on Wednesday evening on 30th January.
The reaction spread via friends and friends of friends on Facebook was rather negative, so I decided to watch it tonight.
Alot of people turn around and judged these sisters, like the fact that the sister who wore nail vanish whilst praying.. Did it ever occur to them, that this sister might not be aware of that because the water doesn't go through the nail vanish, wudhu and salah not being valid? Nope! It's easier to jump on the judging wagon, point the fingers, even being nasty in the way they choose their words..
One of the comment which really hit home was the lack of support reverts have after reverting to Islam. This is actually something most of us feel. At first it's all iiihh, ooohh and aaahh but like a marriage that's only the honeymoon period.. When we get back to reality and go about our daily lives, we often get forgotten by the Muslim community.
It's not an easy decision to make, when you take your shahada.. You're boun to put a strain on the ties you've had with your family and friends.. Some even lose their family and friends when taking this step. As if that wasn't enough, we also get met with hostility on the street, by the British society, who sees us as traitors and think its their rights to abuse us, whenever and wherever, both physically and verbally.. Then we have the born Muslims, who think we either reverted to Islam for a man, attention or whatever else. Seriously? Would we really put ourselves through all this hassle, if we didn't believe in Allah?
But then we also have the cultural issues.. In many cases the reverts will only be let into certain communities/circles if you are either married to one of their men (from their culture) or you're single and you are a potential marriage material for one if their single relatives..
Gosh I could write a book on all these issues that pop in my mind..
Of course it's not everyone who's like this Alhamdulillah, I've met some amazing sisters (aswell as non-Muslims), but sadly hardly any of them are locals.. I've never had a circle of sisters around until recently.. My first 6-7 years have been online communication only :/ although I've tried to get involved in the community a few times, I soon realised that these people aren't what I look for in friends and therefore keep contact to the bare minimal, it's better that way, as it would lead to too much fitnah..
Anyway so what were my thoughts on the documentary? Well to be honest, I don't think it was that bad, not as bad as many other documentaries floating around.. This was made by non-Muslims, so I wouldn't expect Islam to be shown, as it would if it was made by Muslims..
I won't be sitting and pin pointing the sisters errors, who am I to do that? First and foremost I will have to improve myself before I can even judge them. But even then I can't even judge them, as I'm a human being, full of faults..
There was one sister who noone really talked about, the only born Muslim on the show, the host (if you can call it like that) she was actually the one I felt most for.. Her reactions towards the end, her admitting she was lost and her even stating she would slowly change her ways back to Islam. MashaAllah that was huge! I felt really proud on her behalf and I pray she will become closer to the Deen InshaAllah may Allah give her hidayah Ameen!
That also goes to show that if we could all give each other a helping hand, born Muslim or a revert, we could all be helping one another, guiding and supporting one another, we would be a much stronger Ummah, SubhanAllah!

May Allah guide us all Ameen!


Fozia S said...

I only caught the end of this.

Must watch it on catch up!

aisha Lips said...

yeah please do, it's quite interesting to watch :)

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