20 January 2013


Salam Alaikum

If there is anything I hate about school terms it's nits! argh they make my skin crawl! And if you've got kids in school age, you're most likely getting those much hated letters every now and then. I've got 3 girls with long hair and OMG it's a never ending story here. It doesn't matter how i tie their hair, they still get them! I've even cut my eldest 2 hair short, big mistake! it was even worse!

using chemicals every time, it's really not good for their scalp. The schools recommend to use plenty of conditioner with tea tree oil. These can be found in most supermarkets at a very reasonable price. However if you miss 1 of those buggers, the child will soon be covered all over again :/

something I've found very effective is vinegar and olive oil. I use a spray bottle and soak their hair with vinegar. This is suppose to suffocate the nits. then i apply olive oil, which is suppose to losen the eggs from the hair. Then wrap their hair with cling film and then cover it with a shower hat. I leave it to work for 30-45 mins and then comb their hair with a nitty gritty comb. I love these combs as they've got long teeth and make it easier to get through my eldest thick hair MashaAllah

Then i wash their hair with regular shampoo, you need to wash and rinse a couple of times to get all the oil out..

I've also tried tea tree oil. Although effective, it's not as effective as the above method. My opinion anyway.. If you want to use tea tree oil, then make sure to mix it with a base, either olive oil or conditioner. If you add pure tea tree oil directly to the scalp it can irritate the skin and cause allergic reaction.

after getting rid of the nits, it's important to keep checking for a week or two, to make sure they're all gone.
Also you can mix water with approx 10 drops of tea tree oil and spray your child's hair every morning before going to school. this is suppose to keep the nits away, i've not tried that yet, but will be as soon as i get hold of some tea tree oil.


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