19 January 2013

Sugar wax - hair removal

Salam Alaikum

Hair removal is something we all have to deal with and there are soooo many ways of doing it.. I've personally tried quite a few products that are available, but i always fell back on the razors, as the chemicals were just too strong for my sensitive skin.

After having my 4th child, I started getting facial hair, argh! something that I had prayed wouldn't happen.. well I had to find a solution and started looking around for alternatives to chemical products. Sitting with a tweezer would take forever! First I found a product called threadease. It was alright, but time consuming, especially if you're not used to do threading.. then i came across epicare, which works similar to threading. Great to have on the go, but I didn't think it worked as well as normal threading. It often broke of the hair, instead of pulling it from the root and i also found it more painful than threading..

Then one evening, i came across an article about sugar waxing, this lady swore by it being the best method out there... So it made me curious and I looked it up. I came across this page
and that was the end of my search!
I've been using this method for almost a year now and i love it! although it's time consuming to do a whole body sugaring, the results are epic! the hairs grow out much thinner and in some places, they've not grown out as of yet :) Yes it's painful the first couple of times, but you do get used to it

If you try it, let me know how you got on with it


Sui Generis Writer said...

Hair removal is always so troublesome. -_-
I went to the link. Although it looks like quite a work to me but I will give it a try.

aisha Lips said...

at first it is time consuming, especially if you, like me, have never tried it before. but when you get the hang of it, it's relatively easy. I only need to do this once every 3-4 weeks, so the time it takes is well worth it :)ofcourse it does depend on individuals hair growth

Anonymous said...

Oh I will have to try this when i have the time but i love my gillette Venus blade and since using it three years I haven't tried anything else. That blog sounds interesting and right up my street! Will check it out inshaAllah.

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