9 January 2013

Les Mills pump once again

Salam Alaikum

Over the last year I've managed to lose roughly 25 kgs MashaAllah, which has been the greatest achievement i've had for a very long time. Around this time last year I started changing my lifestyle, step by step. And around April/May I was introduced to Les Mills Pump, by a friend of mine :) MashaAllah of all the  exercises I've done, this one is tailored to me! I absolutely love it! I was a rower in my teens and I've never found a workout that was as satisfying as that, until LMP :)
Unfortunately I was never able to complete the whole 13 weeks programme, I had a few breaks, started over and over again.. Now I'm determind to complete the whole programme and get rid of these last few kgs InshaAllah.
I will try to update on my progress on a regular basis InshaAllah
Today it's Pump Challenge, which is a 20 mins workout with a barbell. I will be doing it when kids are in bed InshaAllah
What i love about this programme is that it starts off slowly and gradually builds up and the trainers are absolutely amazing! love their enthusiasm, encouragement and engery :) see you all tonight LMP trainers :)


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