20 February 2013

Stay fat and die young

Well that's reality.. If you're obese and you're not doing anything about it, you're killing yourself! By being obese your more likely to get diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure, arthritis etc just to mention a few!
You can come up with every excuse in the world, but nothing can justify obesity! You are the one who's eating piles of junk food, you're the one who's not exercising.. You can blame the food industry for your eating habits, you have the choice to cook a healthy meal yourself, so why binge on junk? Beside junk doesn't fill you, it might satisfy your tummy and taste buds for an hour or so, but then you'll get hungry and take another binge..
Seriously aren't you worth more than that? You want to be your own death trap? You don't want to see your kids or grandkids grow up, get married etc? You don't have any dreams of your own? Aren't you tired of buying overpriced plus size clothes?
Yeah you might think I'm rude and obnoxious, but I've been there myself! Done all that binge eating, or as I used to call it "emotional" eating, as it didn't sound as bad.. I've been obese, I ended up developing fibromyalgia, which almost crippled me.. I had severe pain and swelling in feet and hands, my back was killing me, running around with the kids was so hard and I was out of breath in no time.. I let myself go, I set up my own death trap, I was told there was nothing I could do about my pains and aches as there is no cure for fibromyalgia..
I went home and to be honest I was devistated! A woman in her early 30's being in this state?? Dreams and hopes for the future were demolished!
As the shock had sunk in and I had come to terms with my "illness" I found the fighter within me.. I was like "heck, no!" I'm going to prove these doctors wrong, I am going to get my body back to normal.. After much research, I started to change my lifestyle. No crash diet, no yo-yo diet, no fast solution.. One step at the time, that way it wasn't overwhelming and I wouldn't fall back into old habits! When I had manage to get my diet on track, a set sleep pattern, I started exercising..
Lol now that was a challenge which is still a challenge now.. It's all about finding something YOU enjoy doing, that way you are more likely to stick with it and succeed!
I've managed to shed 25 kgs over the last year, i feel and look much healthier, im able to run around with the kids again, heck i can even run without getting out of breath within a few secs! I'm able to do moderate cardio, fibromyalgia sneaks in if I do intensive training, but I'm ok with that, I will get to that stage one day :)
So you see? if I can do it, so can you! Do it for yourself, first and foremost, but also for your family!
Where to start? Well I'm no coach of any sort.. But set yourself a goal weight and a date when you want to achieve it by..

• Drink water! Plenty of it, drink a glass of water before each meal, it will help you not to overeat :)

• get enough sleep! Also very important!

• get your meals right, make sure you get a healthy balanced diet. Eat breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day.. We often tend to skip breakfast, especially if you have busy mornings, don't! At least do a smoothie and add müsli to it, a great meal on the go :) also we often tend to have our biggest meal at dinner time, change that meal to lunch time, that eat you'll have better chances of burning it off :)

•start exercising! Walk instead of using transport whenever you can.. Find a walking buddy, gym buddy, DVD workouts, there are so many options out there! And DON'T STOP, as soon as you start to feel it, dig deeper! The deeper you dig, the better results!

• get organised and prioritise! Plan ahead, get your calendar out, write down your appointments etc, then add your meal planner, create a workout schedule

• get motivated! My motivation has been the biggest loser (Australian Version has been the best in my opinion, love it!) aswell as educate yourself about the food and health risks.. Also read/watch success stories..

• take a picture of yourself in your underwear! Lol weird I know! BUT keep it as a reminder of what and why you're trying to change! Get a clothing item, in a size you want to slim into, hang it in a visible place. I had a dress, which I had Infront of me whenever I exercised, lol it helped me dig deeper in every move, despite the pain!

• change one thing at the time. What I did was to focus one one thing at the time.. Ie with water, made sure I had plenty of water each day, kept a record of it.. The. When I felt I was ready to move to the next I took sleep, made sure I got enough sleep every night, when that had become a routine, I focused on food and so on

Good luck and stay strong, you can do it, you're the one in control x


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alayki,
Hamdulillah sis glad you are getting yourself motivated and organising your life and health mashaAllah. I struggle to drink water daily. I have to really push myself. .
Good tips, thank you

aisha Lips said...

Oh it has been a battle that's for sure lol, but it's all about self motivating and self discipline.. I'm still on and off with water, but I keep reminders when it's particularly bad

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