1 December 2012


Salam Alaikum/hello everyone

 Alot of people think protests are useless. An unnecessary disturbance.. I used to think so aswell.. What's the point? Why should you stay on the street with banners and shanting slogans? The government won't listen anyway.. Well after recent events in Gaza, I decided to participate in a smaller protest outside Theatre Royal, when the Israeli company Batsheva, were having their final performances of a UK tour.
 As it was my first protest, I was quite nervous. Didn't know what to suspect and the fact that it was going on during the evening, didn't make it better. But as soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the other protesters, they were all such a lovely bunch, from all walks of life MashaAllah. As people started to arrive we were handing out leaflets and MashaAllah most people took them, some had a little chat about our protest, but they were all very friendly and understanding.. It was a very successful evening and we all went home with a buzz!

The following day, I couldn't think of anything else, it was such an amazing experience. I then convinced my other half to let me go for the final evening too. He looked out at the window and laughed, it was torrential rain and up to 60 mph rain! he was sure I wasn't going to last long lol!
But this evening, was even more special than the first. It's hard to describe, but the atmosphere was perfect and I would not hesitate to do it all over again and with the exact same people, lol still buzzing just thinking of it

This whole experience has given me so much hope! Just to see how little people in this society actually knew about Israel/Palestine, was shocking!

Here is an article written by the organiser about the event, MashaAllah was a great success

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