26 November 2012

Gaza Awareness Week

Salam Alaikum/ hello everyone

This is quite nerve wrecking to be honest, it's the first time I've taken on such a project and being fairly new to blogs, this will be quite a challenge I reckon lol
The best way to start this off, would probably be giving some background information on why I've actually started a Gaza Awareness Week.

Well I grew up in a very small society, where we were only fed western media. So ofcourse only got pro-Israel news fed through radio, tv and local newspapers.
 I vaguely remembered the name Arafat, but I had never heard of Palestine.It was first when I moved to Denmark, where I got some Palestinian friends, I heard of this country. At first (like many) i pretended i knew where it was, lol, until one day I got fed up of hearing about it and not knowing, so went to the library to find a map! I searched high and low and for the life of me I couldn't find it!! So next time we met and they started talking about Palestine, I was like "but it doesn't exist?" God, I should never have said that! haha I got my head bitten off and sent off with a book on Arafat, his biography. After reading this book, I was upset and angry. Not at the book, but the whole Israeli existence, aswell as not been learning about this in school or the fact the media back home had kept it well hidden!
But it wasn't until I moved to the UK, where I started using the internet on a regular basis and following the news. where I became more aware and gained knowledge of this Issue. Over the years, I've shed countless of tears for the Palestinian people. No words can even describe how i feel, SubhanAllah. And as the years have gone by, my urge to do something has grown. I've tried to show my family and friends back home, what is going on, but it either gets ignored or they remove me from their life. Sad but true.
A few weeks ago, I met an amazing woman, who works for Palestine Solidarity Campaign. She is such an inspiration MashaAllah. The local branch had arranged a protest against an Batsheva an Israeli dance group (will be posting more on that over the next few days InshaAllah) and I decided that I would join my first ever protest! As we got closer to the date, a dear friend of mine (who started a group for muslim female bloggers on facebook) asked if we should do something for Gaza. We came with suggestions and I decided to consult this lady I had met a few weeks ago. We met during the protest and she told me that the best thing to do right now, is to bring awareness! and SubhanAllah during my first day there, I saw with my own eyes, just how little knowlegde the general public have on this situation.
So that's how I decided to start the Gaza Awareness Week. My aim with this Awareness week, is to bring the truth about Palestine, about the suffering of the population, about the unjust treatment they get from Israel, about the illegal settlement and much. much more. I might not be the most knowledgable person on this issue, but my heart is bleeding for Palestinians, is yours? Do you want to make a differnce? Then please, do participate, make a post or two or more on this topic, raise the awareness and share the links to the charities, who we know bring the money to those who need it InshaAllah

here are some links:

From Aisha's Lips


The Muslimah Corner said...

MashaAllah, may Allah reward you, ameen

Unknown said...

Ameen and JazakAllahu Khairan x InshaAllah we all can do our bits to wake up the world from its deep sleep!

Parmita said...

This is a wonderful initiative on your part. Very few humans put an effort to spread awareness about matters such as this. Thank you for working on such a noble cause. It is inspiring.

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